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Why This Is a Great Year to Sell Your Vacation Home

  As vaccines are administered and travel resumes, many of us are beginning to plan for those long-awaited vacations we missed out on over the past year. Mike Eastwood Author- Chief Executive Officer of West USA Realty of Prescott states. Some households are focusing their efforts on buying a vacation home rather than staying in a hotel, too. The   National Association of Home Builders   (NAHB)   reports : “ Second homes  (i.e., homes sold to buyers who are not going to occupy the home year-round, but  use it as a vacation home , investment property, etc.)  account for 15 percent of new single-family home sales.” It’s not surprising that there’s an increase in demand for vacation homes. The majority of Americans are realizing they prefer to be around small groups, as shown in a recent  survey  from  The Harris Poll : “Social distancing taught consumers new things about how they like to socialize; (75%) said, ‘during COVID social distancing I realized I preferred smaller social gatherin

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