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Is Buying a Home Today a Good Financial Move?

  There’s no doubt 2020 has been a challenging year states Mike Eastwood Chief Executive Officer of West USA Realty of Prescott. A global pandemic coupled with an economic recession has caused heartache for many. However, it has also prompted more Americans to reconsider the meaning of “home.” This quest for a place better equipped to fulfill our   needs , along with record-low mortgage   rates , has skyrocketed the   demand   for home purchases. This increase in demand, on top of the severe  shortage  of homes for sale, has also caused more  bidding wars  and thus has home prices appreciating rather dramatically. Some, therefore, have become cautious about buying a home right now. The truth of the matter is, even though homes have appreciated by a whopping  6.7%  over the last twelve months, the cost to buy a home has actually dropped. This is largely due to mortgage rates falling by a full percentage point. Let’s take a look at the monthly mortgage payment on a $300,000 house one yea

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